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Axel is a visual artist based in Dubai. He was born in French Caribbean Guadeloupe and has previously lived and worked in Paris and New York. Axel is a painter working with diverse elements of collage, calligraphic gestures, and dripped and sprayed paint. His compositions incorporate open color blocks and more intricate, dense, pattern-based structures. His work is created through attention to meditative thinking, spontaneity and unconscious action; at times incorporating strong emotional impetus.


His works are an interplay between kaleidoscopic, dynamic patterns and controlled color palettes, bringing together logic and feeling. He recognizes the importance of repetitive action within his painting, as an emotional and sensual process where he is led by, and working with, a strong compulsion to create.



Central to Axel’s vision is a deep-rooted natural inclination to manifest soulful expression, creating a visual language for a very personal, internalized experience of creative thought and cascades of human emotion. Axel is drawn to painting as a way to process experiences and ideas, seeing it as an ultimately regenerative process. He tries to retain a degree of natural and childlike, uninhibited expression, thinking of his process as a conduit for emotion and human experience.

"It is an interplay of emotions between the book, the dimension, the movement, the emotion and myself. The starting point of his work is inexorably a book. This book story, this technical obligation that Axel sets for itself, comes from a coincidence, from a first constraint: a lack of paper in grape format. 



From this precise moment, the artist makes the connection between a trunk of his father's books placed in the place where he studies the history of art and this lack of paper. Why not use these books as a support for his large formats? The A4 is not wide enough to display emotions.

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