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DUBAI 21 - 28 FEBRUARY 2023

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Karim is a rising contemporary graphical artist who works with big-scale murals, canvases and stained glass as a way of conceptual form of expression. His works displays a deeply analytical process that is inspired by the context of the architecture it covers. Ataya transforms stories into complex abstract geometrical visuals. He has a strong eye for detail, a talent for visual balance, and a great sense of color and proportion.

He is now based in Lebanon and works out of a studio in Beirut located in the Quarantine district which he has not been able to fully operate due to the Coronavirus and then the blast that destroyed the building that he was already barely working from.

Ever the perfectionist (a trait which he denies), he gives his all working on anything he can control, and what he manages best are shapes, colors, and context which he molds into a new style of art with hints here in there of Islamic geometry, eighties action cartoons, science fiction movies, ancient symbolism, and more…

Immediately upon staring at his work, your eyes don’t rest and your sensations get hit with a ripple of diverse emotional inklings that circulate you through a concert of the distinct as well as the akin generating an ensemble of power together with eminence as well as truth and storytelling. The narrative massively builds the effect of Ataya’s work. It can not have a meaning and it must tell a tale, he says. The unhinged detailed work which he attempts to balance with the messages that are conveyed also brings about hidden symbols as well as forecast subsequent time, making it transcend into the occult.

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